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The History of tea is almost as old as the history of China.
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The History of tea is almost as old as the history of China. All tea originally came from China. Legend says that it was the Emperor Shen Nong that discovered tea around 2700 B.C. The tea trade was first mentioned in 1066 B.C. when Yunnan sent some tribute tea to the emperor. It is thought that the origins of the Camellia Sinensis plant are Yunnan province in the south of China. Currently there is a wild tea tree that is over seventeen hundred years old, and there is a cultivated tea tree that is reported to be over eight hundred years old.Legend also has it that the first people that cultivated tea were monks that wanted to stay alert during their meditation. To this day many teas have  names that are related to monks.  The  Japanese believe it was a Buddhist monk that introduced  tea  to  Japan.  About  1200  years ago, the adapted son of a monk named Lu Yu wrote the first recognized study of tea. It is said that his devotion to tea was monk like, and he is recognized in China as the equivalent of the patron saint of tea. Tea was the inspiration for many poems (our brand Seven Cups, comes from a famous poem written during the Tang dynasty), paintings, and of course the incredible ceramics that have produced the worlds premier tea pots and tea cups.
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