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Tea is served-at stately home of Earl Grey's foe
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By Joanne Ginley
IT IS an irony which would no doubt have caused huge amusement to the aristocratic Lady Hertford, former incumbent of Temple Newsam House.

For her sworn enemy, Earl Grey, lent his name to one of the traditional teas being offered in a new, high-class high tea menu being served at her former home.

As a close friend of the then Prince of Wales, George of Hanover (later King George IV), Lady Hertford made many political enemies and was particularly disliked by Earl Grey. She lived in the house in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

The Lady Hertford High Tea featuring sandwiches, specialist teas, indulgent cakes and preserves is available on Sundays only, except June 17th, from noon to 4pm throughout the summer at ?.95 per person.

Coun John Procter, Leeds Council executive member for leisure, said: "Lady Hertford would certainly have been amused by the irony of having Earl Grey tea served at her former home. This is a delightful menu for a really special treat and I hope visitors to the park and house take the opportunity to try it out and also to find out a little about Lady Hertford while they are here."

Her relationship with the Prince of Wales was the subject of scurrilous journalism and satire. On a visit to Temple Newsam in 1806 he presented her with Chinese wallpaper and the Moses tapestries. An exhibition of satires and caricatures of Lady Hertford runs until October 1.

She and her sister, Lady William Gordon, created new interiors after inheriting the house from their father, Charles, the ninth and last Viscount Irwin, in 1806.
Last Updated: 08 June 2007
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