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Typhoo tea gets redesign and adds Fruit Creations range
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Source : Typhoo

Tea is the nation's favourite beverage and demand for a quality cuppa remains high. With over 100 years experience in the development and supply of tea, Typhoo is already a household name but is now aiming to 'tea'se market share from its rivals.

Following exhaustive research amongst consumers, the Typhoo range has been given a facelift to bring it into the 21st century and reinforce the principles that Typhoo offers in its tea ¨C quality, freshness and expertise.

One of the key drivers most relevant to tea is the consumer demand for ¡®back to basics¡¯ products, whilst health is the key trend affecting tea market growth. Typhoo has embraced these concepts by introducing a deeper, richer colour to the brand identity, along with a natural and fresh design, bursting with quality and freshness which measures up to the tea quality inside.

Getting fruity

The health trend effect has been clearly seen in the tea market, as sales of fruit and herb teas have grown by over 29% in convenience over the past year alone. This is a fast growing market attracting new buyers as consumers search for new flavour sensations and drinks with beneficial properties.

To cater for this demand, Typhoo has launched a new range of teas under the Typhoo Fruit Creations umbrella. The only brand to use Juicea technology, Typhoo Fruit Creations teas retain their flavour whilst in the packet and during the brewing process, leaving consumers with a cuppa that is as tasty as it is fruity and fragrant.

The Typhoo Fruit Creations range includes: Orange & Ginseng, known to enhance wellbeing, Green Rooibos & Honey, renowned for its thirst quenching properties and a Super Fruits Infusion, a source of antioxidents with blueberry, blackberry & acai.

Tasty alternatives

As consumers are becoming more experimental with their drinks selection, it is essential for retailers to consider alternatives to traditional tea in order to grow the tea category.

The segment that has experienced the biggest growth is decaffeinated tea, which has grown at over 16%5 as consumers become more aware of the negative effects of caffeine on the body. Typhoo Decaffeinated Tea provides the same tasty cuppa without the caffeine, which is gently removed whilst the quality and flavour of the tea is preserved.

Sales of green tea have also grown at 16%6 and retailers can offer Typhoo Green Tea Blend to meet the demand. Created by combining green and black teas and drunk just like a normal cup of tea, it offers all the benefits of green tea, which is renowned for its anti-oxidant properties, providing consumers with a healthy lift.

Merchandising opportunities

The new packaging principles have been introduced across the Typhoo range to ensure a consistent message for consumers and to provide retailers with visual impact. The decaffeinated tea substrate is now white, whilst Typhoo Green Tea Blend is available in a green packet to enforce the natural elements of the product.

With each tea now offering its own distinct identity retailers can benefit from excellent merchandising opportunities as the new packaging can distinguish sectors in store. In addition the pack count differentiate has become more visible on pack and on the SRP, making it easier to merchandise different pack sizes.

Sue Jones-Smithson, channel marketing manager for Typhoo, comments: ¡°With a new look and new products, the relaunch of Typhoo will reaffirm our position within the market and lead to more consumers enjoying an ¡®OO¡¯ in their cuppa.¡±

For further information on Typhoo and its range of products, visit www.typhoo.com or call 0151 522 4000.

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